PS-995 (GPS Navigator with Video Input)



  Built-in GPS receiver (up to 64-channel)
Support IR remote control or touch screen operation
Support RGB video output or standard TV output formats for various vehicle monitors
  (480*234 or 800*480)

Support External Camera input for AR navigation and car DVR operation control



          ■ Advanced ARM Cortex-A9 CPU core with Neon and high-speed memory bus (ATLAS VI):
                  ● 32KB I / 32KB D cache
                  ● 800MHz@2000DMIPS, 1GHz@2500DMIPS (through binning)
          ■ Advanced 3D accelerator supporting OpenGLES2.0
          ■ Navigation:
                  ● Navigation tracking: -162dBm
                  ● Reacquisition: -161dBm
Memory: 2GB NAND FLASH / 256MB DDR3
Operating system: Windows CE 6.0 core
Operation:  IR remote control, Touch Screen
Storage media: Supports SD card or MMC card
Video output: CVBS & RGB mode

Video input: CVBS
Speaker:  0.5W @ 8Ω
DC Power: 9~20V DC
Power consumption: 3.4W @ 12V DC
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to +70 °C
Dimension: (w) 95 mm* (L) 95 mm* (H) 30 mm


Video input example:

Camera or car DVR CVBS output to PS995 video input

PS: Navigation Software must support.

Standard GPS navigation show as the following Pic.


GPS navigation combine with Video Input for AR navigation as the following Pic.


GPS navigation show combine with Video Input as the following Pic.